Spiraea alba var. latifolia -Broadleaf Meadowsweet


"Meadowsweet is a native deciduous shrub in the rose family that is typically found in the eastern portion of North America. It  grows naturally in bogs, swamps, wet meadows, along stream banks, and shore areas. Boasting fragrant flowers and a beautiful yellow fall color.

"It is sensitive to heat and does not perform well in dry conditions. 

"Growing in both full sun and part shade, however to grow at its best, locate this plant in full sun.  

"Its young branches are green and hairless.  As the branches age, they become brown and woody.  Its upper side of the foliage is medium green, while the underside is a pale green.  

"Its 1/4" flowers bloom from the top downward.  Flowers have 5 petals and many long stamens that surround a center ring.  The ring ranges in color from orange to pink to yellow.  Long stamens are fuzzy in appearance.  Removing flower clusters after they are finished blooming will promote additional blooms.  Pruning can be accomplished in the winter months."  (North Carolina Extension)


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Information and images compiled by Erik N. Vegeto

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