Eupatorium purpureum - Purple Joe Pye Weed


Eupatorium purpureum is a herbaceous perennial that is widely known as the Purple Joe Pye Weed, is a tall (4-7') plant that is native to the eastern United States. Producing purple flowers in the late spring/early summer, while Purple Joe Pye Weed needs a lot of space to grow, when planted next to other Eupatorium purpureum, they will grow outlandishly. 

Zone: 4 to 9

Height: 5.00 to 7.00 feet

Spread: 2.00 to 4.00 feet

Bloom Time: July to September

Bloom Description: Mauve pink

Sun: Full sun to part shade

Water: Medium

Maintenance: Low

Suggested Use: Water Plant, Naturalize, Rain Garden

Flower: Showy, Fragrant

Attracts: Butterflies

Tolerate: Deer, Clay Soil, Wet Soil