Athyrium 'Ghost' - Ghost Fern


‘Ghost’ is a deciduous hybrid fern that is noted for its upright silvery foliage. Silvery foliage is acquired from its Japanese painted fern parent and upright habit from its lady fern parent. It typically grows to 30” tall. It features a slowly spreading clump of fronds that are a soft grayish-green with an overlay of silvery hues accented by contrasting dark maroon midribs. Silvering is best in the spring, with fronds becoming more grayish-green as hot temperatures arrive.

Type: Perennial, fern Hardiness range: 3A - 8A Height: 18" to 24" / 45cm to 60cm Spread: 20" to 24" / 50cm to 60cm Growth rate: Average Exposure: Full shade to partial shade or partial sun Persistence: Deciduous, broadleaf Bloom color: n/a Leaf color: Silvery, variegated Fruit color: n/a Water requirements: Moist Soil pH requirements: Acidic, slightly alkaline Soil type: Sandy, loamy Form: Irregular or sprawling, spreading or horizontal Landscape uses: Alpine garden, border, container, massing, rock garden, woodland garden Attributes and features: Attractive foilage