Ammophila breviligulata - American Beach Grass


American beachgrass, is a leafy, spreading, rhizomatous, native, bunch grass with many stems per clump.  It may reach a height of two to three feet. One outstanding growth characteristic is the strong underground stems (rhizomes) that spread beneath the sand and give rise to many new plants.  Its vigorous growth enables the plant to withstand heavy deposits of sand and grow up through it. The best time to plant beach grass is from October 1 to March 30 in the Mid-Atlantic region. If properly planted, good survival can be expected at any time during this period, except when soil is frozen. Summer plantings are not satisfactory. American beachgrass can be planted either by hand or by mechanical equipment designed for this work. 

Duration: Perennial 
Habit: Grass/Grass-like 
Root Type: Fibrous 
Leaf Retention: Evergreen 
Leaf Arrangement: Alternate 
Leaf Complexity: Simple 
Leaf Venation: Parallel 
Fruit Type: Caryopsis 
Leaf: Green 
Size Class: 1-3 ft. 
Bloom Color: Yellow 
Bloom Time: Jul-Sep